Taurus taurus marriage compatibility

When two down to earth star signs come together in a romantic relationship, it is a stable and solid relationship right from the very beginning. Sensual, compassionate and loyal, Taurus representatives are traditional when it comes to love and relationships, so they start planning their future together as soon as they get intimate for the first time. A Taurus-Taurus relationship is grounded and practical, which is why it is often perceived as boring by others.

Taurus ♉ And Taurus ♉ Compatibility, Love and Friendship

However, Taureans love having a like-minded partner who has the same need for security and stability. Everything that a Taurus needs and wants in life is going to be met by a Taurus partner, simply because they want the same things in a relationship and in life. Charm and grace are important ingredients in Taureans' love life and the two of them do not only have the same requirements, but have them met too. If you're still not sure how do Taurus and Taurus go together so well, just keep reading.

We explore the Taurus and Taurus compatibility in details. The result of two equally romantic individuals with the same needs and desires coming together into a relationship is simply magical. Aside from their warmth and sensitive nature, Taureans are known as highly emotionally aware individuals who can get along together perfectly. They have soft, warm and loving energy that drives them crazy and they are bound to be heavily attracted since their first encounter.

Neither of them wants to ever do something crazy or extraordinary, but they do know how to treat each other with luxuries. However, these two may come to disagreement once in a while as they're both equally stubborn and opinionated. Luckily, their relationship will be too good to not overlook those small, silly fights. So how do Taurus and Taurus get along in a romantic relationship? When it comes to emotional compatibility, there is no better match for the Bull than with another Bull. Taureans never rush into a relationship and find it a bit hard to open up to someone, but when they do, they do it right.

A committed Taurus who's opened up to another Taurus and got the same treatment in return results in an incredible emotional basis upon which a powerful bond can be built. It may take them a while to get to this stage, but once they do, there's huge potential for love ever after. Both partners are loyal, honest and posses the same will power, along with a lot of love, positive vibes and pure harmony.

However, as sensuous, artistic, pleasure-seeking, laid back, and slow moving as Taurus individuals might be, they're practical, down to earth, hardworking souls who also take pleasure in their work and understand the material realities of life.

Taurus Taurus Compatibility

They just do everything in their own time and at their own pace. Ferdinand, the Bull , the great Walt Disney cartoon, says a lot about Taurus. Beneath the no-nonsense exterior of a Taurus lies a sensuous individual with a sweet, sensitive, warm, and caring heart who can, if sufficiently prodded or unpleasantly surprised, become a raging bull. Loyal, patient, dependable, gentle, loving, and kind, a Taurus man is husband material. When he gives his heart, he gives it for keeps and will be a faithful, devoted, and dependable partner and father.

He'll want enough money in the bank to feel secure, and also enough left over to enjoy the finer things in life. So, he'll work hard to provide both himself and his family with all that defines an abundant life. A Taurus husband wants his home surroundings to be comfy and beautiful. He'll want to have plenty of good food on the table and won't mind cooking it. And oh what a romantic treat it will be for his wife to have her man cook for her.

A Taurus man wants to be head of the family, but he doesn't mind helping around the house or with the kids. So, it's not a problem for him if his partner works and has a successful career. He'll probably encourage it because the extra money will just add to the richness, pleasures, and treasures of their life together. He's a gentle, patient dad who enjoys cuddling and is openly affectionate. As a father, he'll give his kids a solid set of values, teach them practical skills, provide them with a strong sense of security, and always be a steady, grounding presence in his children's lives. He's a bit of a softie and is prone to spoiling the kids with all sorts of indulgences, but at the same time he won't stand for any nonsense and will be quick to lay down the law.

However, his stubbornness and need to have control could result in arguments with his kids when they reach the rebellious teen years. A great mixture of toughness and sweetness, the Taurus woman is a beautiful and intricate lady. She has an extra dose of femininity, embodies the idea of love, has an eye for art, an ear for music, and a taste for good food.

She's self-indulgent yet deeply compassionate, loyal and faithful, and is often the glue that holds a family together.

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When a man takes a Taurus woman for his wife, he should know that she has expensive tastes, appreciates quality, but is always into finding the best at the best price. Common sense is her forte, and she's incredibly grounded and stubborn. Taurus woman likes to pamper him and keep him comfortable always. This is a good recipe for a happy relationship. Taurus Leo Compatibility The common personality traits in a Taurus and Leo love match are dynamism and energy combined with very good determination and decision making faculties.

On the personal front, the Lion seeks attention from the public while Taurus is happy with friends and relations. This astrology compatibility is based on strong emotions and passions and may override other differences in character. Taurus man is economical and does not like to spend money while Leo woman likes him to spend money on herself. However this difference takes a back seat in their relationship. The Taurus is sexually attracted to the Leo female and the passion is a strong binding factor which makes the relationship highly compatible.

Taurus woman has lot of ego and tends to lose her temper often. Leo man always seeks to feel important which may hurt her ego.

He is committed in matters of love and relationship. His romantic nature will attract her. They can be highly compatible if she can control her ego and temper.

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  • Taurus Virgo Compatibility With many common characteristics, the Taurus compatibility with the Virgin is high in matters of love relationships. They are consistent, cautious and spend money with care. They are loyal to each other with lot of devotion coupled with respect for each other. Their attitude towards life is realistic. Sometimes the possessiveness of Taurus may put off the Virgo. Both are normally committed and reliable in matters of love. The adoring nature of Taurus male and the magnetism of Virgo lady complement each other.

    She is also attracted by the emotional and religious nature of the Taurus man. Horoscope compatibility between the two is very high in spite of some small fights.

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    Virgo man likes the loyalty and devoted nature of Taurus woman. She accepts the problems in daily life while Virgo man plans his life systematically. Both together present a highly balanced and loving relationship with very high compatibility. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Taurus Libra Compatibility In matters of love both have different perceptions. Taurus is highly practical and down to earth. Libra is idealistic in love and expects lot of praise from the partner. The relationship may falter after initial bouts of sexual passion.

    It will take lot of give and take to make it work.

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    Love for art, music, and films are areas of common interest for Taurus man and Libra woman. Libra woman likes the company of others but the domineering nature of Taurus man is a hindrance. Both like to spend time together. Compatibility is average and the relationship can work out if they can keep their temper under control during difficult periods.

    spenpiringcollepp.cf This Taurus dating a Libra is based on very high level of obsession and love for each other. Taurus woman has strong will power but is attracted by his credibility. Libra man is not devoted which will cause anxiety in Taurus woman. The relationship can be attractive and highly compatible if both can understand each other. Taurus Scorpio Compatibility Taurus can be jealous and Scorpion can be highly possessive.

    They are highly suspicious of each other. These things may create problems and may result in failure of the relationship. If both of them are frank and free with each other, relationship may survive. On a personal level, both are ruthless and do not trust each other. They are highly inflexible and do not accept view point of the other person.

    Only common aspect is their animal instinct which will attract them towards each other. Generally the compatibility is not viable between the two zodiac signs. The Taurus female does not always believe her partner and this mistrust will be a cause of conflict. Scorpio man is temperamental and he is in a fighting mood forever. This constant bickering may result in a tragedy. Zodiac compatibility between the two requires lot of mutual adjustments and understanding. Test Now!