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Be confident that you are on the right path. Approach financial arrangements with care between March and mid-July and be particularly alert for any strings that may be attached. A sensible, systematic approach to finances can help minimise difficulties. June will bring a sudden windfall that could overwhelm you and it might be best to keep this secret from irresponsible relatives and friends. Take this opportunity to start a savings fund for yourself. Money matters are likely to be volatile during the autumn.

As the year ends you will find it beneficial to explore opportunities that afford long-term security.

Russell Grant Video Horoscope Aries September Friday 19th

Well-known astrologer Russell Grant helps Express. The Guardian described Russell as "cult television" with "the wisdom of Solomon, the foresight of Cassandra and delivery of Liberace" and declaring Channel 5 had "hit the right formula" for modern television. The London Evening Standard said Russell Grant's Postcards from Britain "are superior fillers, produced, written, directed as well as presented by Grant". Russell's stars can now be found on all the U.

Russell Grant's Video Horoscopes exceed M views per month!

Recently Russell moved into the text message area to spread his forecasts even further afield; working with partners such as Vodafone, Orange, O2 and T-Mobile and there's lots more in the pipeline! Russell's partnership with Sky Television during the first quarter of has resulted in the successful scheduling of a one hour daily programme on Sky One between 1. In the autumn of Russell was engaged in filming a new TV series for Sky Travel where he investigates cruises and cruise ships visiting a number of popular cruise destinations from the Caribbean to the Arctic Circle.

With over 45, copies being ordered by a major supermarket chain the book is already scaling the Best Sellers List.

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Russell has appeared in obligatory Narrator's role in Rocky Horror Show's National Tour but it is his performance as another Narrator in Under Milk Wood that has had the audience and critics shooting off superlatives. He directed the classic Dylan Thomas play and starred in the Richard Burton role - here is what a local critic, Simon Treadway said "I decided to go to Portmeirion because it was a typical Snowdonia day: rainy. I also wanted to test out my schadenfreude on the fact Russell Grant was acting I learned that day not to ever adopt such a preconceived idea that just because Grant is known as an astrologer he doesn't do anything else.

I learned that acting was his preferred artform and I soon found out why.

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The production was innovative and exciting - it was only at the end I found out Grant had directed it. Busy with all the characters coming from different exits and entrances that left the audience wondering who was coming through what door next. And then Grant himself, now, to steal a phrase from his breakfast days, hold onto your hats, as I never thought I would write this - Russell Grant's timbre, presence and performance had me more gripped than Burton did in the original version now on CD.

Grant has an Orson Welles quality about him, he commanded the stage and was always in control.

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The classic introduction until the entrance of Captain Cat is all Narrator, and he kept us with him all the way, with his lilting tones and contrasts of light and sound both with his eyes and voice. I am told it is A Midsummer Night's Dream next and Grant is Puck, well before this I would have said 'too old' but this man can play whatever part he wants, of that I am convinced, as he is a genuine, classic actor and a performer of rich and undiscovered talent - and I am pinching myself as I am saying this, but he reigned supreme in that theatre as the rain poured down outside".

For his new theatre concept, Casting in the Community, which brought together an array of talent throughout north Wales Russell directed the classic Dylan Thomas play and starred in the Richard Burton role. Casting in the Community integrates professional actors, amateur performers, performing arts students and people who have never been on stage before: experience not necessary, enthusiasm a must is the maxim! An original swinging sixties musical in which Russell plays Dusty Springfield as well as directing this new musical.


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Russell's next project is a professional dream come true: learning how to dance on the BBC's top-rated series Strictly Come Dancing starting September until December Russell said "Although I went to stage school we never learned to dance, apart from chorus routines, so to learn how to dance properly with the world's most beautiful and talented Latino Terpsichore, Flavia Cacace, is more than I could ever have wished for".

Heavy job assignments exhaust you and people in high places will take advantage of your hard-working ethos. With persistence, patience and the help of friends in high places, you could land a great job in When a position that looks tailor made for you becomes available, apply for it immediately. After July, Jupiter will bring a lucky opportunity in connection with your career and this will be followed by an increase in income.


A close friend or relative who is struggling financially cannot keep relying on you to help them out. In the autumn, someone in your social circle will introduce you to a person who can help make your dreams come true. What seems like a great money-making opportunity as the year begins could turn out to be a big disappointment. Trust your intuition when it comes to joint finances, a business deal or a new job opportunity in the summer. Real Life. By Russell Grant.

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