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Or maybe the other way around, who knows — even in this aspect there are so many options, and like everything else, these people are very complex. This is why we dedicated them so much space, cause they deserve it, and in this sense, they themselves may struggle with finding out who they are and what they can be in life. Today we are looking into the lives of the people who are born on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius, all in the attempt to discover who they are and what is their purpose in life.

A man born on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius sign is a person who tries to be universal and versatile — he can be like that cause he is blessed with passions, many talents and enviable social skills. He simply loves to know everything, to be everywhere, and to really stand out in one particular way at any moment.

The Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp

He has that energy and magnetism that attracts people who are close to him, he is very social, and in some less obvious ways, he tries to set himself as the team leader. There is no doubt that this human being is a very intelligent person who tries to leave a good impression on everyone, but all depends on his current feelings. You will either love or hate a man born on the cusp, but one thing is definitive, this is a man who hardly leaves anyone indifferent — but we must add that he is not suitable for all, but this is ok, he would not want things to be any different. This man wants to be at the start of the game and to be different from the majority, and he truly is special.

The Zodiac Cusp Dates

In love and interpersonal relations this man is very energetic in love, he can be romantic, but he is above all other things passionate. This man will never let anyone or anything to be chosen, but he prefers to be the one that chooses things in his life — and if you want to be connected to him must prepare a great strategy to succeed.

go here One thing also needs to be added here — in any interpersonal communication with this man, and you have to be very careful cause he is not the type of person that can be played with. He is serious and sometimes strict, and never directs his attention to unimportant things. It looks as if it only looks black and white around the world around it. Anything that can come in between is going to be a problem for this man,.

In the end, this human being is very curious, and he wants to know everything but also interprets all that knowledge in his way. His sharp sense of intuition helps him penetrate the very essence of things, and the master is asking you questions that are direct and penetrating.

What Is A Cusp?

This man will rarely take for granted anything in life, but he wants to learn things for himself. When it comes to the lady that is born on the cusp between Scorpio and Sagittarius you can be sure that this lady is one that is also a very strong and dominant lady. She is very well governed by her own self, with her wishes and everything that can bring her to a good balance in her life — of course that balance is not always an option, cause her passions are taking her in places where she does not want to be, but this is something that she has to overcome.

This lady must have success in life, regardless of what she is actually doing — and she can choose from many occupations since she is very talented for numerous jobs. All the same, you have a couple of areas that you need to work on. These weakness need your attention, lest their dirty your reputable personality. For example, you are too gullible. You tend to trust those around you too much.

As such, some unscrupulous individuals will take advantage of you. Learn to be more discerning. All in all, you are on the right path to success. Take greater care of your health and interpersonal relationships. Once you do this, the rewards of the universe will surely follow you. A good number of prominent people were born on the same day as you were.

Here are five such people:. People born on 16th December are on the 3rd decan of Sagittarius. You are in the same category as those born between 13th December and 21st December. The Sun plays a central role in your life. As such, you possess the more admirable characteristics of this fiery, celestial body. For example, you are hardworking, intuitive, curious, and self-driven.

People respect your ability to keep time. You are able to meet all your objectives within the stipulated period. December 16th stands for spirituality, consciousness, thoughtfulness, and trustworthiness.

Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp Woman

Put these qualities to good use. You are a very dependable a person, especially in tasks that have strict deadlines.

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Your ability to be punctual makes all the difference. You can excel in writing, editing, and other related jobs. Your magic number is Blue. Blue is the color of integrity and royalty. Also, just like your character, this color denotes seriousness. Last Updated on November 27th, December 16 Zodiac Sign If you were born on 16th December, you have a way of convincing people to do what you want.

Let me explain… You are born under the 9th sign of the zodiac, the Sagittarius. It enables you to exude such qualities as charisma, ambition, and openness. Love and Compatibility for December 16 Zodiac Zodiac December 16 zodiac lovers are driven by the need to build a long-lasting, fruitful relationship. A word of caution! Also, you are a poor loser. You tend to be resentful when your competitor gains the upper hand. Famous People who Share the December 16 Zodiac Birthday A good number of prominent people were born on the same day as you were. Your Career Horoscope You are a very dependable a person, especially in tasks that have strict deadlines.

They have strong mental power and are emotionally oriented. They are masters of the art of silence and have no need for speech to get their point across. The Sagittarius part of them wants to be free on every level—mentally, emotionally, and physically— while the Capricorn part of them makes them prone to vainness, getting stuck in old habits, kicking themselves for not being absolutely perfect, and sometimes being too reserved for their liking.

Rebellious / Revolutionary / Contrarian

Yes, I did! I actually saw someone else say it on Tumblr and had a moment. Keep reading.

They will go to 0 to real quick. They hate the feeling of being controlled. These cusps can be very stubborn on what they want. This post is based information I have gotten from website and videos and personal experience. This is my first astrology post so sorry if this post sucks. Those born on this cusp not only have a feel for the future state of things but also take a hand in shaping it.