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Sri Suktam MP3. They do not prefer to speak their intentions or achievements aloud. Rather, they tend to work behind the scenes and never take the center stage. They are quite organized , disciplined, and clever and this aura of intelligence is quite apparent in their personality.

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Observation and analysis gives them a sense of satisfaction. They always take time to scrutinize things before accepting them.

Kanya Lagna Rashi Prediction 2019

They also take time to form relationships, as they tend to first analyze people. Sometimes, these natives are also criticizing in nature. They make observational remarks upon people and situations. During saturn sani dasa of 19 years, your charisma will grow and it will help to those who are in politics. Will struggle a lot to grow in your profession but will reach good position. Businessmen will see huge losses but will recover soon with good profits.

Good and Bad Planets for Virgo Ascendant (Kanya Lagna) – Astrologer E K Dhilip Kumar

Import-export, automobile businesses will flourish in this dasa. Technical education will be helpful in profession.

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  • Will put in all their efforts to make sure that their company runs into good profits but they will be paid lesses than anticipated. Will develop revenge taking attitude on those who create hurdles for them. Will not change opinions for others. Memory power will be good and will help you to remain calm and take decisions at right time.

    During Mars kuja dasa of 7 years, real estate business will be good. Agriculture, constructions, machinery business will change your lifestyle.


    Will act courageous and prove everyone wrong by achieving what was thought to be impossible. Your judgement regarding returns in business will be reversed. Those in sports, politicis, science research, medicine, law will earn lot of fame.

    businesspodden.com/como-tener-asperger-y-vivir-hasta-los-61.php Will have differences with siblings and cousins. Court cases will cause some problems.


    Few will be arrested and have to spend sometime in jail but will be released soon as they will either get bail or case will be closed in their favor. During Jupiter guru dasa of 16 years, marital life will be disturbed. Will be either cheated into marriage or will have differences with their spouse after marriage. Will be forced to work under inferior persons.